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Episode 34 Socks at Last will have complete show notes.

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Thanks to all who have written.  Thank you to The Knitmore Girls for mentioning my podcast on their popular show.

Talithia suggested a unusual place to view wildlife.  "There are flowers everywhere for those who bother to look." Henri Matisse.

Nature Notes: We have just experienced the snowiest winter on record for our area. March is our transition month from winter to spring.  Bird and animal sightings are plentiful because the woods are bare and animals are moving.

We Like March is a poem by Emily Dickinson.

Blethering Room:  I share about two different places:  The Faroe Islands/Faroe (Scandinavian) and Fair Isle (British). 

Tip from Pipeliner Tea aka Teacosy.  Store small bits of stash in a big glass jar.  Beautiful and practical!

I frogged a sock that I started last June.  The pattern was from Toe-Up! By Chrissy Gardiner.  I started a new pair of socks from The Little Box of Socks.  Two techniques: German Twisted Cast-On and Eliminating the Pig's Eye.

 I review The Little Box of Socks by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott and Kollage DPN's.

Irish Lamentaton (English Country Dance) by Musica Pacifica.  Dancing in the Isles.



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