Knitting Pipeline
Episode 39 Spring Peepers

show notes are at  Sponsored by Quince & Co, Three Bags Full, and my Longaberger Home Business.  Thank you, Sponsors!

This episode was pre-recorded several days early as I am leaving for Camp KIP on Tuesday! 

Leave a show note on the blog for a chance to win a Frog Mini Project Bag and matching accessory case from Three Bags Full!  Deadline for Week #2 is Thursday April 14th at noon.

Spring Peepers are singing their chorus at night.  Hyla Brook by Robert Frost. 

Needle Notes:  I steeked the Norwegian Sweater and used i-cord Three Needle BO to join the shoulders.  Find videos showing technique on the show blog.  Eunny Jang's video on steeking is fantastic!

Blethering Room:  Woolly Serger Thread is not wool.  It is nylon that has a brushed coating.  Find extra thick Woolly Nylon at Schoolhouse Press.  Tips:  Use Kid Silk Haze for reinforcing heel, foot and toe.  No need to cut and weave in ends.  Wooly Nylon works well.  Anna Lena uses Slip Stitch Heel technique on the soles of her children's socks. Love this idea!  I test drove (walked) my darned socks and they feel great.  I darned another sock and am getting better at my technique.

Thanks to my Celtic Cross friends Karen, Heather, Rob, and Deb  (and of course, announcer Kevin) who faithfully listen to Knitting Pipeline.  Music is Amzing Grace recorded at a regular Thursday night rehearsal.



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