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Slipped Stitches, Mystery Mittens, determining yarn weight

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Nature Notes: Shepherd’s Purse is the flower/weed of the week. Botanical: Capsella bursa-pastoris

The Flowers by Robert Louis Stevenson

All the names I know from nurse:Gardener's garters, Shepherd's purse...


Needle Notes  Mystery Mittens for Me by Laura Linneman

Shetland wool fingering weight fromSchoolhouse Press.

Knit Stitch is like the good well behaved child. Purl is rather like the black sheep of the family, in some circles anyway. The Slip Stitch is like the forgotten wall flower or perhaps the one we wouldn’t miss until it was gone.

I talk about some of the ways that the slip stitch is used in knitting. Edges, SSK and other decreases, colorwork patterns, texture patterns, slipped stitch heel flap, brioche, and mosaic knitting are some of the occasions when slipped stitches are essential.  Barbara Walker is probably the Queen of Slipped Stitches with her invention of Mosaic Knitting. If you are doing stripes you can decide to slip a stitch at regular intervals and it looks a bit like stranded work. On the next round, try purling your slipped stitch for a completely different effect. It is fun to play around with color and slipped stitches.

The Blethering Room  Story about neglected wildflowers Bastard Toadflax and Hoary Puccoon

In the Pipeline  Watching  Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables

Reading Maisie Dobbs #3 and #4 Pardonable Lies and Messenger of Truth

Listening Louise Penny Still Life

Knitting Socks, Cardigan (in the planning stages)

Music Lydia McCauley, Hawthorn from Quieting

Haste ye back!

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