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Episode 36 Fix It Challenge

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Japan Earthquake Relief

  1. Brenda Castiel is giving $5 from the sale of each of her designs for relief efforts.
  2.  Mary Jo  Colwell (HedgehogMJ) designed Rose of Sharing to benefit The Heifer Project and UMCOR.

Nature Notes:  Panther in Illinois?  Other in my area have seen it. Before repeating anything a little bird told you, be sure it wasn't a cuckoo.

Needle Notes:  I was caught without my shawl comfort knitting last week.  I fixed a pair of Scottish Kilt Hose that I knitted in 1996 before I became a piper.  My Fix It Challenge is to review your knitting to see what needs repair or modifications.  The Norwegian Setesdal Sweater continues.  I am almost done with the body of the sweater.  I want to start knitting a shawl, in particular Stripe Study Shawl. 

Pipeliners share their ideas of comfort knitting.  I review the following patterns from Quince & Co:  Barcelona Scarflet, Abbey Road Socks, and Sabrina Mitts.  Leave a comment on the show blog to enter a drawing for one of these patterns and your choice of Tern to make it.  Also Carrie Hoge's pattern new garter stitch baby sweater and cap are adorable.  I review Tern fingering weight yarn by Quince.

View a video of Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums in the Peoria IL St. Patrick's Day Parade on the show blog.  I am in the front row, in the middle and those are my shoes and kilt hose you see for a second or two later on.

Music is The Irish Ground (Tollett) by DaCamera from


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