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Garter Tab Cast On tips, Hummingbird Vine, Shaelyn KAL is about to start, review of The Knitter’s Companion, Rip Van Winkle Challenge for October.  The Rip Van Winkle Challenge is to go through your queue and find patterns that have been languishing for some time.  If you want to go a little further, choose yarn that has been in your stash for a long time and pair it up with a pattern.

Knitting Pipeline Retreat March 2-3, 2012(Friday evening and all day Sat) in Washington IL  information on overnight accommodations is in the show notes.  Registration is not yet open but I think we will be able to take everyone who wants to come.

Pipeliner Promo for KA Bamboo Needles from Pinkfeatherknitting @  $4 off shipping through Oct 31, 2011.

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Milk Run Shawl, KA Bamboo Needle Review, how to get past stalled projects, and lots of laughter with Meghan of the Stitch It! Podcast.

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Susan of Knitajourney Podcast and Bronwyn visit The Blethering Room.  Bronwyn steeks her twisted sweater!  See the video on the show blog

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