Knitting Pipeline

Postcard from 1980, Saddle Shoulder Sweater

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Ewe-nique Yarns, Morton IL

I saw a lunar eclipse, a house fire, and a sad incident involving squirrels.

Oliver Herford, I Heard a Bird Sing

Elizabeth Zimmermann Saddle Shoulder Sweater

EPS=Elizabeth's Percentage System bottom-up seamless construction

Using Excel to plan cables and ribbing

Knitting on the Edge by Nicki Epstein

In the Pipeline:

The Grand

Doc Martin   the movies

The Blethering Room  Finch from Quince & Co

When blocking a piece with cables and texture do not block the cables.  

The Piping Circle


Country Sampler Magazine November 2011


I read a postcard written to me by Elizabeth Zimmermann in Feb 1980.

Coventry Carol  Magnatune Christmas.

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