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Owls, OhSoHat, Hazel Carter Story

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We did buy that first house we looked at because I fell in love with the front door. I could not have goats there. I made a mistake when I told you last week about the way I do the selvedges instead of slipping the first stitch. See directions in the sidebar on this site. I read a note from SpringPeeper about her fondness for goats.  Asta wrote about gjetost. It is eaten in very thin slices and not combined with meat or much else other than perhaps a dab of lingonberry jam.

Saturday morning I went on a Snowy Owl Expedition by myself. A snowy owl had been seen at Illinois Central College.  I took a walk later that day about sunset and I was looking up into the sky in a moment of complete reverie when I saw a white bird flapping its wings WAY UP HIGH. I am 90% certain it was a Snowy Owl but can’t be sure.

Alone and warming his five wits, the white owl in the belfry sits.
- Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Spectra by Stephen West

Began Gyllis by Stephen West but I frogged it. The way the pattern was written was too frustrating.

OhSo Hat by Lee Bernstein Well-written pattern and wonderful for beginners. Photos show female models but really is unisex and my husband likes it.

Piper’s Journey KAL

Wave 2 starts March 5. We started a new thread on March 1st because the other thread is getting quite long and that can be discouraging if you are just getting into it. Seasoned PJ knitters can jump in to help.

In The Pipeline

Knitting  New shawl design called Hyla Brook

Watching   Downtown Abbey is not a soap Opera. Soap operas do not make a lasting impression, they do not have costumes like this or film in castles, and they do not have Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville. You might say that soaps have come a long way since I last saw one in 1968 but they have not evolved THAT much.

Reading Finished Birds of a Feather #2 in Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear.  Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonsen Random House 2010 Love, love, love this book! Helen Simonsen’s first novel and may she write many more. The writing reminds me so much of Alexander McCall Smith.

Listening Since finishing The Paris Wife by Paula McClain I am catching up on podcasts. Thank you to Louise of Caithness Craft Collective Podcast for her shout out for Piper’s Journey.

David Tolk. In Reverence. Title song of CD which I have purchased on iTunes. Beautiful.

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