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My husband, Bob, joined me for a casual chat about what we are doing. He is always improving his coffee making ritual. Our word for the week is "wraith". We are seeing just a few signs of spring in our woods. I am in a major decluttering mode.


Paula and Bob

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I've been thinking of doing a journal style episode for a while so here it is. For the first time ever some of the audio just didn't record. I learned a lot in this first attempt. I hope you enjoy.

My husband, Bob, joined me in conversation about nature, words, books, and what's been going on with my knitting.

Thanks for listening.

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my campaign to raise funds for ovarian cancer research by Dr. Katherine Fuh.

I am knitting Cobblestone #4 by Jared Flood. I knitted 2 Toadstool Dolls by Susan B Anderson for my granddaughters to play with at Christmas and Miss Marple by Nadia Crétin-LéChenne for my 2 year old granddaughter.

I also share books I’ve been reading with an unintentional indigo theme.

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Haste ye back!


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