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Sponsored by Quince & Co and my Longaberger home business.  Leave a comment on the show blog to be entered into a drawing for your choice of Sabrina Mitts, Abbey Road Socks, or Barcelona Scarflet and the Tern yarn to make your project. 

Nature:  Pileated Woodpecker sighting and info about pileated woodpeckers.  Foxes and Fox Sparrows.

Needle Notes: 9 inches left on my Norwegian Sweater.  I identify a malady.  It's Shawl Withdrawal Syndrome.  I have not knitted a shawl since Feb 1.  This is shocking!  I need to stop the madness and get started on one ASAP.  In the Fix It Challenge I knit about 4 rows on a ribbed stocking hat that was too small to give to my dad as a gift.  I share how I sew in the tails on ribbing to make this cap reversible. See show notes for photo tutorial.

Blethering Room:  More comfort knitting from 3 Pipeliners.  Estelle by Melissa LaBarre is a possibility for a KAL. 

Review Notes:  Knitting Traditions by Interweave Knits.  Highly Recommended.  Get it before May 15, 2011.

Music:  Irish Set by Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums.  Recorded at rehearsal on March 24, 2011. 

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Episode 36 Fix It Challenge

Sponsored by Quince & Co and my Longaberger Home Business.  Show notes and links at

Japan Earthquake Relief

  1. Brenda Castiel is giving $5 from the sale of each of her designs for relief efforts.
  2.  Mary Jo  Colwell (HedgehogMJ) designed Rose of Sharing to benefit The Heifer Project and UMCOR.

Nature Notes:  Panther in Illinois?  Other in my area have seen it. Before repeating anything a little bird told you, be sure it wasn't a cuckoo.

Needle Notes:  I was caught without my shawl comfort knitting last week.  I fixed a pair of Scottish Kilt Hose that I knitted in 1996 before I became a piper.  My Fix It Challenge is to review your knitting to see what needs repair or modifications.  The Norwegian Setesdal Sweater continues.  I am almost done with the body of the sweater.  I want to start knitting a shawl, in particular Stripe Study Shawl. 

Pipeliners share their ideas of comfort knitting.  I review the following patterns from Quince & Co:  Barcelona Scarflet, Abbey Road Socks, and Sabrina Mitts.  Leave a comment on the show blog to enter a drawing for one of these patterns and your choice of Tern to make it.  Also Carrie Hoge's pattern new garter stitch baby sweater and cap are adorable.  I review Tern fingering weight yarn by Quince.

View a video of Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums in the Peoria IL St. Patrick's Day Parade on the show blog.  I am in the front row, in the middle and those are my shoes and kilt hose you see for a second or two later on.

Music is The Irish Ground (Tollett) by DaCamera from


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Episode 35 Comfort Knitting

Quince & Co is a sponsor for Episode 35.  Leave a comment on the show blog to enter the drawing for a pattern and Tern yarn.  Choose from 3 patterns: Sabrina Mitts, Barcelona Scarflet, and Abbey Road Socks.

Visit my Longaberger business site at

Pipeliner Kim inspired this episode on Comfort Knitting.  What is your idea of the most soothing type of knitting?  I look for a garter stitch shawl such as Cheryl Oberle's Wool Peddler's Shawl.

Bob and I witnessed the migration of thousands of snow geese at Emiquon.  Find links on the show blog and a video.  Nature quote from Rachel Carson

I review The Knitters Guide to Hand-Dyed and Variegated Yarns: Techniques and Projects for handpainted and multicolored yarn by Lorna Miser.

Celtic Cross Pipes and Drums is gearing up for St. Patricks Day and our competition season.

Music by Aff the Cuff, a traditional Scottish folk band.  Find them at  They also have a podcast by the same name on iTunes. 


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Episode 34 Socks at Last will have complete show notes.

Quince & Co is the sponsor of this episode.

Thanks to all who have written.  Thank you to The Knitmore Girls for mentioning my podcast on their popular show.

Talithia suggested a unusual place to view wildlife.  "There are flowers everywhere for those who bother to look." Henri Matisse.

Nature Notes: We have just experienced the snowiest winter on record for our area. March is our transition month from winter to spring.  Bird and animal sightings are plentiful because the woods are bare and animals are moving.

We Like March is a poem by Emily Dickinson.

Blethering Room:  I share about two different places:  The Faroe Islands/Faroe (Scandinavian) and Fair Isle (British). 

Tip from Pipeliner Tea aka Teacosy.  Store small bits of stash in a big glass jar.  Beautiful and practical!

I frogged a sock that I started last June.  The pattern was from Toe-Up! By Chrissy Gardiner.  I started a new pair of socks from The Little Box of Socks.  Two techniques: German Twisted Cast-On and Eliminating the Pig's Eye.

 I review The Little Box of Socks by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott and Kollage DPN's.

Irish Lamentaton (English Country Dance) by Musica Pacifica.  Dancing in the Isles.



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