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Episode 33 Of Lice and Men

Episode sponsor is Quince & Co. and my Longaberger home business.

Travel with me from the Setesdal Region of Norway, to Scotland, to the U.S. to explore lice in knitting and literature.  Robert Burns' poem "To a Louse" is read by Alan Wood of Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland.  Alan is friend of the charming Louise, host of a podcast I enjoy, The Caithness Craft Collective.  I read Robert Frost's poem "A Considerable Speck" which isn't exactly about a louse, but could be.   I review the books that I consider most important for those interested in Norwegian Sweater knitting.  Of course, there are many out there so I just picked my favorites. 

  1. Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Without Tears, Knitting Workshop, or The Opinionated Knitter
  2. Sheila McGregor's The Complete Book of Traditional Scandinavian Knitting
  3. Norwegian Knitting Designs by Annichen Sibbern Bohn. 

 For the very enthusiastic knitters and historians, consider Annemor Sundbo's Setesdal Sweaters: The History of The Norwegian Lice Pattern.

There is an update on my projects, although the Norwegian sweater has been stalled for the past week.  I finished Baby Slippers from Knitting at Home by Leanne Prouse. They turned out lousy. I started on a new project and picked up a pair of socks that had been in hibernation since the summer.

Thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes to my mother who fell last week and broke her arm last week and also to me and the family.  You are wonderful people! 

The music is compliments of World Champion Piper, Bruce Gandy, from his CD My Father's Son.  Available at

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Episode 32 A Technique Betrayed

Sponsored by Quince & Co. Choosing between Elizabeth Zimmermann's Sewn Bind-Off and The Russian Bind-off is a difficult decision.  Nature:  Eagle sightings, Carolina Wren and the feeder, and deer.  Swatching Tips, Norwegian Luskofte progress, tips for choosing color patterns, and a free sock pattern from a listener in her Etsy shop.  Music by Erik Ask-Upmark.  Norsk Brudsmarsch from Himlen's Polska. 

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My second Daybreak has a garter stitch border.  A Sofia Cowl looks a lot like crochet, but it really is knitted lace.  I used the Suspended Bind Off on the cowl.   We survived the Blizzard of 2011 and there was a little junco hopping about in the worst of it.  I swatched for the Norwegian Sweater and am ready to cast on.  Tips on color pattern knitting. In The Piping Circle I talk about my husband's uncle, who witnessed the piper, Bill Millin, playing on the beach at Normandy (Episode 9 of Knitting Pipeline).  Review of the Historical Issue of Piecework Magazine Jan/Feb 2011.  Dutch Pipes and Drums provide a medley of tunes from their CD In Harmony.



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