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Comfort Shawl, Variegated yarn terms

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This show by sponsored by my Longaberger Home Business and Quince & Co.

The winner of KnitBot Essentials by Hannah Fettig...and signed by Hannah Fettig and Pam Allen is announced! 

There is an outtake on today’s show after the theme music for those who like a little extra laughter and chatter.

Melanie Gall Knitting All the Day CD

Bronwyn is having surgery. Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation--overview of what they are.  If you want to participate in a surprise for Bronwyn send an email to me.  See show blog for address for cards.

Pipeliner Notes  Prairiegl: Hiya Hiya has some free patterns on their site

Needle Notes  Bronwyn FO’s Woobie Puppy and Lotus Scarf, Crinkle squares and Gratitude Shawl

We want to rename Amy Beth of The Fat Squirrel Speaks.  To us she is The Foxy Squirrel.

Memphisholli  responded to my challenge of finding a suitable design for the yarn from Camp KIP and asked a question Is it variegated or self-striping? In a broader sense perhaps you could talk about different colored yarns and how you know how to describe the color, variegated, gradient, self-striping, etc. and things to look for in a pattern to handle those color variations.

We use the term variegated for any multi-colored yarn.  Within this wide category are many smaller subsets.  The Knitter’s Guide to Hand-Dyed and Variegated Yarn by Lorna Miser.

Product Notes

Podcatcher apps

Podcaster (Brownyn uses) .99

Downcast is $1.99 Downcast has great features.  Easier to add podcasts to your subscribe list.

Instacast used to be a great app but has not worked well since they updated it.  I was happy with it until the upgrade and have now deleted it and switched to Downcast.

Kensington Keyfolio Pro

Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Removable Keyboard, Case and Stand for iPad 2 and New iPad (K39512US) $67.99 (was $59.99)  Case and keyboard combo.  Great value since cases alone run at least $40. Bluetooth, Long battery life, Nice touch to the keys.

Could have a better manual but we both highly recommend getting this for your iPad.

High Note/Low Note  Paula High Note:  Frequent Flyer Miles Low Note: June Bug

Bronwyn  Low Note: Poor customer service. High Note: Support of friends and family.

Haste ye back!

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Pipeliner tips, Needle Review Update

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This show by sponsored by my Longaberger Home Business and Quince & Co.

Leave a comment on the show blog under Episode 89 or 90 by May 23 to be in a chance to win a copy of Knitbot Essentials, signed by designer Hannah Fettig and Quince owner and renown knitter/designer Pam Allen.  KnitBot Essentials by Hannah Fettig 

Thank you for your iTunes reviews and star ratings! A wonderful review showed up this week from desertflower105.  Thank you so much for your encouragement.


Pipeliner Notes  Thanks for the wonderful tips!  These are found on the show blog.

Nature Notes 

Many of you wrote about your sightings of black squirrels which appear to have populations scattered across the country.  They are a variant of the gray squirrel so they behave the same way. A marauding band of four teen male turkeys attacked our windows.

10th Annual Potholes and Prairie Birding Festival:  The Chieftain Hotel and Conference Center  June 13-17 Carrington ND  Fly into Fargo or Bismarck or and easy hop from Mpls (2 hours).  Bill Thompson, Julie Zickafoose and other expert guides.  Visit

Martha/Goldybear wrote on the board that experts think it will be a good year for butterflies.  We are not experts but judging from what we have seen so far this year we have made the same observation.  During our Sunday hike in Forest Park Nature Preserve we saw Red Admirals (lots!), Eastern Comma, Mourning Cloaks, Spring Azures, and random Skippers.

Needle Notes  Leaaline asked, Paula, what is your FAVORITE quince and co. Yarn? Answer: I love them all but have a special fondness for Chickadee and Tern because I more often knit with lighter weight yarns.

Hyla Brook will be released in June.  Calls for 2 skeins of Quince & Co Tern which is a fingering weight wool/silk blend.  442 yds fingering weight.  This shawl is completely reversible and has no purl stitches!

Lil Bit by Laura Linneman.  

Koigu Beaded Beret by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas  I am not thrilled with the end result but I had a ball knitting it!

The Blethering Room A new rule for buying yarn: sweaters worth or one more skein than first impulse.

If I don’t like the yarn enough to commit to more than one or two skeins then maybe I don’t like it enough to buy it.  (please feel free to quote me on this, especially if you see me buying yarn somewhere!)

Vodka Lemonade by Thea Colman/Baby Cocktails

Stockinette Zombies

HiyaHiya Size 5 16” circular had a card for knitting a hat in sizes from baby to adult large. 

Chiagoo Red Lace Circular Needles.  I buy HiyaHiya and Chiagoo at Ewe-nique Yarns in Morton IL.  They are happy to ship your order.  309.266.9398

High Note Talking to the Sun: An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for Young People Metropolitan Museum of Art c. 1985

Shira Kammen Wild Mountain Thyme Music of Waters

Haste ye back!

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Breezy Cardigan, The Russian Join

Sponsored by Quince & Co and my Longaberger home business

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To enter the giveaway for Knitbot Essentials, signed by Hannah Fettig and Pam Allen, please leave a comment on the show blog.

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Organizing your queue, Charr and Bronwyn visit

This show by sponsored by my Longaberger Home Business and Quince & Co. Wool 3 has just been released with gorgeous new designs!

Show notes at 

A special welcome to new listeners from A Playful Day Podcast.  Thank you Green Triangle Girl for the interview and for sending new listeners my way.

Charr and Bronwyn are joining me today in The Blethering Room.  We had some faulty brain synapses and we are blaming that on our Post Camp KIP Let Down.  Also I had the mic too close to the computer so there is some background noise today that I normally don’t have. 

Grosbeaks are back and also the White Throated Sparrow! Franklin the Wild Turkey is pecking on the windows.

Camp KIP organized by Jackie of the Positively Overcommitted Podcast

Good Reader $4.99 app Thank you, Dorothy, for the tutorial!

Brenda Castiel aka Goodstuff gave a talk on designing.

Paula’s projects at Camp:

Breezy by Hannah Fettig Quince & Co Tern Boothbay Blue. KnitBot Essentials by Hannah Fettig  (We are giving away a copy of the book signed by Hannah Fettig and Pam Allen…details coming soon!) Skyp Ribbed Socks by Adrienne Ku

McHenry Hat by Susan B Anderson Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2011 and $5.50 individual pattern.  KathieR very nicely told me that the patterns are separate $5.50 each or the e-mag is $7.49 from Interweave.

Paula inspired by Effortless Cardigan knitted by Astrid Purls (link to Angela’s project page); Wingspan by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs;

Beaded Pi Shawl by Karen Woolen Warrior and Mary/KnitAdmin’s Pi Shawl; Liesl by Ysolda Teague.  I’ve knitted two of these but I liked Allison’s version in longer length with long sleeves; Koigu Beaded Beret by Church Mouse Yarns and Teas knitted and worn by Angela of Fleur de Fiber.  Great way to use left-over sock yarn is it calls for 175 yds; Haruni by Emily Ross

Bronwyn’s Projects at Camp: In Pursuit of an Illusion by Woolly Thoughts; Gratitude Shawl by me.  KAL with The Fat Squirrel Speaks Podcast

Bronwyn’s Camp Inspiration: Glenda Wrapped in Stars by Mary aka KnitAdmin; Royale by Glenna C. worn by Gretchen aka maplemom 

Charr’s Projects at Camp: Piper’s Journey by Paula Emons-Fuessle; Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku

Charr’s door prize fiber was from The Thylacine and the spindle is unmarked (no wonder she couldn’t remember the name!) so we assume it is from them also.

Charr's inspiration: Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelley Kang, Capitol Knits by Tanis Gray

We talk about organizing your queue on Ravelry.  Thank you, Thumperina/Tracy!

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